Q - What is the best way to get to Tortola?

A - There are two ways to reach the BVI. One is to fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico and connect to daily flights to Beef Island Airport located at the east end of Tortola. A second option is to fly to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands and transfer to a ferry to Tortola. American Airlines, Continental, Delta, Northwest, TWA and United offer flights to San Juan. Both Delta and American offer flights to St. Thomas. American Eagle, Cape Air, LIAT, Air Sunshine and Caribbean Star have daily flights serving Tortola. Jet Blue (very reasonable non-stop fares from NYC, Boston or D.C. to San Juan) and Seabourne Air (San Juan to Tortola at low prices). Please also note that there is a departu re tax of $20.

Q -.Do I have to go through customs upon arrival in the BVI?

A - Yes. All visitors to Tortola are required to present a valid passport. At customs, you will be asked to give a local address. Write: “Arundel Villa on Luck Hill”.

Q -.Will I be met upon my arrival in the BVI?

A - Yes, you will be met at the Beef Island airport or at the ferry dock in the West End or downtown by our representative, provided that you give us your schedule of arrival by contacting our Resident Manager Janet Williams at 284-443-3435 or Dave Hyman at (toll free) 866-206-1332).

Q -.How do I get to the house?

A - You will be driven to the house by our representative.

Q -.Should I rent a car?

A - We recommend that you rent a car from DeDe Rentals (tel. 284-495-2041/2780, E-mail:dedescarrental@surfbvi.com) and ask for Deadman or Al. They will bring the car to you and give you directions for getting to and from Arundel. Please remember that we drive to the left in the BVI. You will need a temporary BVI drivers license which Al or Deadman will arrange for you.

Q - How do I get around if I choose not to drive?

A - Again, call DeDe Car Rental and they will be able to provide a car and driver whenever you wish to leave Arundel (to go to the beach, to restaurants, etc.).

Q -What is the telephone number at the house?

A - Tel: 284-494-7863. Or you can have people call you on your cell phone. Please note that outgoing long distance calls must be made by using a calling card or by making collect calls.

Q - Is there television available?

A - Yes, there is a TV set in each bedroom, as well as a flat panel HDTV in the living room. We have cable, so you will be able to access most major U.S. channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, A&E, HBO, etc.). You also can hear classical music on 91.3 FM radio.

Q - If we do not wish to cook, what are our options?

A - There are three. First, you can engage Janet’s services to cook for you (she is an excellent cook) for an additional charge. Or you can engage one of the island’s outstanding caterers if you wish more formal dinner service. Or you can go out to one of Tortola’s many restaurants.

Q - Is there maid service?

A - Yes. Janet Williams, our Resident Manager, will make up your beds five days a week. Because most of our guests prize their privacy, Janet does not live on the premises. She comes five days a week and is available by phone 24/7. There also is a landscaper/handyman, George Ollivierre who drops by a few times a week to water the garden, etc.

Q - What is the dress code on the island?

A - Informal or casual dress is the usual dress. When entering stores or restaurants it is strongly recommended that you wear sandals or shoes and do not wear a bathing suit unless you have a beach wrap or cover.

Q - What are typical temperatures in Tortola?

A - They generally range between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit year round.

Q - Is electricity the same as in the United States?

A - Yes…120 volts.

Q - What is the local currency?

A - The American dollar.

Q - Are there ATM’s available?

A - Yes, they are everywhere on the island. They accept American Express, Visa and Mastercard.

Q - Should we leave a gratuity for Janet, the Resident Manager?

A - If you are fully satisfied with her services, it would appreciated if you would leave something for her (most guests usually leave at least $15 a day)

Q - Can we arrange for day sails?

A - Yes, Janet will help you choose the best boat for your party and help make the arrangements.

Q - What is the nearest beach to Arundel Villa?

A - Both Cane Garden Bay and Brewers Bay beaches are seven minutes by drive from the house.

Q - Is there a golf course on the island?

A - No. You can take a ferry over to St. Thomas (only 22 miles away) and use the course there.

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